Natural Essential Oils are the extracts of plants in the form of concentrated volatile liquids procured from different part of the plants like flowers, leaves, fruits, spices,resins, roots, etc. They are known for their therapeutic, rejuvenating & refreshing properties. These 100% natural essential oils have a pleasant odor.


Carrier oils are volatile aromatic compounds, mainly extracted by cold pressed method. They are mostly used as vegetable oils and for aromatherapy. These 100% pure carrier oils and aromatherapy carrier oils are diluted by mixing with the essential oils. The different varieties of carrier oils are grapeseed carrier oil, hazelnut oil, etc.


Aromatherapy refers to the inhalation and topical application of true, authentic essential oils from aromatic plants to restore or enhance health, beauty and well-being. The field of aromatherapy activity is quite wide, ranging from the deep and penetrating therapeutic actions of essential oils to the extreme subtlety of fragrance on the psyche.


We are a leading name in the field of offering of fragrances for array of premium quality Spice Oils. Range of our product includes Mace Oil, Star Anise Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Ginger Oil, Coriander Oil, Garlic Oil, Onion Oil, Dill Seed Oil (Anethum Sowa), Celery Seed Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil, Parsely Seed Oil, Hing Oil (Asaf Oedita Oil), Cinnamon Leaf Oil, etc.


As similar to essential oils, plants also contain certain aromatic oils in a concentrated form which we know as Absolutes. Classically, absolutes are more demanded for preparing perfumery and fragrances besides aromatherapy. This is due to the fact and reason that extraction process of absolutes deploys chemical solvents, more often Hexane and subsequently Ethyl alcohol.


CO2 (carbon dioxide) is used to extract the aromatics from plant materials instead of hydrocarbons or steam. Under high pressure, CO2 is compressed until it has the density of a liquid and becomes “supercritical” carbon dioxide – neither a gas nor a liquid. In this state, it is able act as a gentle and pure solvent. The resulting oil has an aroma closer to the natural plant than a steam distilled essential oil.

Reconstituted Oils

Essential oils are also made of synthetic aromatic chemicals to get the fragrance of a particular plant material. These are called reconstituted oils and are manufactured for the use of modern Perfumeries and Cosmetics. The reconstitute essential oils have no or little therapeutical values and should never be used by an Aromatherapist. Many synthetic essential oils are considered highly toxic and can do more damage to the skin than good.

Reconstituted Oils also turn out to be cost effective and cheaper as compared to the natural extracts as these are of chemical origin and not natural origin thereby saving time and money on the various extraction processes. It is cost effective since it is made using synthetic and artificial chemicals. Reconstituted Oils are also helpful when there is a high demand of oils against the natural crop production.

Hair Oils

The presence of strong chemicals in shampoos and hair coloring agents have caused damage to our natural hair and scalps. In addition these products contain ingredient which are not easily bio-degradable and hence harm the environment. LDG International’s hair care range includes shampoos, conditioner and hair oils.The shampoos are free from SLS/SLES and contain a selection of organic herbs which address problems like falling hair, premature graying, dandruff and dryness.Hair oils are made from Organic cold pressed oils and contain extracts of Organic herbs prepared in the traditional way.