Alcohol Flavours

LDG International offers unique and specific flavours for alcoholic beverages.We have exciting blends for use in Whisky,Brandy, Rum,Gin,Vodka of a range of flavours of taste modifiers for wines.

Speciality range of flavours specially created for aerated and non aerated drinks.The flavours come in different textures like sonamist,(cloudy ),clear with and without colour. LDG International uses some of the most advanced technologies to give the extraordinary taste to your beverages – Apple , Black currant ,Cherry, cola Fruit Cocktail, Grape Ginger Ale, Ice cream soda, Lemon ,Lime, Lime Lemon, Mango , Orange, Passion Fruit, Pina Colada, Pineapple, Rose , Tropical Fruit and many more….

Fruit Juices & other Beverages

Indulge with a hot beverage….. a fun & frolic party drink…..a sip of natural & healthy juice…. or a sip full of vigour and vitality of a health drink….think of us….as we create those feelings and experiences for you to enjoy & revisit!!. Complete flavouring solutions for all types of drinks, juices, health beverages including PSD’s and also the alcoholic beverages.We have an entire flavor palate ranging from Citrus to Exotic fruits to Berries in Liquid, Emulsions & Encapsulated forms to give consumers a unique taste experience.

Bakery Flavours

Here at LDG International we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality food ingredients, making us one of your best options for 100% natural bakery flavours. Our wholesale bakery flavours are used for a wide range of applications within the bakery industry, including biscuits, bread, cakes, cookies and much more besides, and the processes involved mean that the flavours used need to be able to withstand high temperatures and stresses. As such, we thoroughly test all of our baking flavours to ensure that they are going to remain stable in these rigorous environments.

Dairy Flavours

LDG International has had unique success in creating blends for Dairy Products resulting in top selling brands.The dairy flavours created by LDG International fit perfectly for all dairy applications- frozen desserts,ice creams,yogurt,ice lollipops,sweets,butter milk.

We have several profiles for each flavour to choose from.

LDG International uses the most advanced technologies to give the extraordinary taste of Almond , Apple, Banana, Black/Red Currant ,Blueberry , Butter Scotch, Cardomom, Chocolate, Cofee , Kesar Pista, Kulfi, Roasted Nut, Rose Milk, Strawberry, Vanilla and many more…

Confectionary Flavours

Re-Creating the nostalgic moments!! Remember the magical days the candies and toffees still lingers in our minds..

We help our clients to re-create those magical moments and transport you back to childhood days through our range of flavors for application in Hard Boiled Candies, Soft Chews & Chocolates at most competitive prices.

Savoury Flavours

Our savoury flavourings offer manufacturers innovative solutions to meet diverse challenges, from creating delicious healthy recipes, through to increasing provenance-based appeal. Whatever your goal, LDG International Flavours have the tools to help you create enticing savoury products that leave consumers wanting more.

Our unique, slow-cooked pastes offer an intense, authentic flavour and a clean label. They are inspired by cuisines from around the world, including Indian, Oriental, Pan-Asian and Latin American.

Dry Flavours

We feel pleasure to introduce ourselves as one the pre-eminent Dry Flavours manufacturers in global market. We offer an entire gamut of Dry Flavors that are commonly used in various applications. Our Dry Mix Flavours have become necessary ingredients of your favourite Rasna, Tang and various other Soft drinks. They are available in various flavors that too at very nominal price.

Tobacco Flavours

LDG International provides flavors for a variety of tobacco applications. Our strong history in the development of tobacco flavors has made us one of the primary suppliers of flavors and extracts to today’s tobacco products manufacturers.

Our tobacco flavorists are experts at enhancing the natural tobacco leaf flavor to meet consumers’ high standards of taste and aroma.

Tobacco Flavor Applications

  • Cigarettes
  • Cigars
  • Pipe Tobacco
  • Smokeless Tobacco

Health & Nutrition Flavours

Increasingly, flavour is becoming a key differentiator for nutritional products. The protein market has diversified from the niche sports arena to a highly competitive mass market and demand is growing for food and drinks designed for specific health benefits, lifestyles and various types of exercise.

When it comes to nutrition, it is important to get the flavourings right. With a strong understanding of the nutrition market, an experienced team of experts and cutting-edge research and development capabilities, we can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our extensive range of solutions – from core flavours to customised profiles – can help you develop winning results with great flavour impact and delivery across nutritionally enhanced applications.