Fruit Extracts

Fruit Extracts are praised for powerful anti-aging and rejuvenating properties making them enormously popular among natural cosmetic makers and cosmetic house giants. Fruits contain naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acids that are powerful antioxidants. When applied to the skin, they are believed to revitalize the skin by dissolving dead cells from the skin’s surface whilst retaining skin moisture. In addition, fruit extracts are also abundant in various vitamins and minerals that may be absorbed by the skin when added to skin-care products. These constituents are reputed to improve the appearance of the skin, minimizing imperfections, and promoting vibrant and luminous looking skin.

Green Extracts

Natural Green Extracts is specialized in the production of high-quality extracts from fruits and vegetables. We are one of the leading Natural ingredients suppliers in India. Our innovative approach to product research and development has earned us recognition within the industry for the quality and value of our ingredients. Each product is analysed and tested meticulously. With global tie up we assure quality products are delivered on schedule at affordable rates. We are committed to serve you with exceptional, personalised support and service by making sure all your queries are handled before and after purchase

Herbal Extracts

LDG International is globally renowned for its vast range of unparalleled quality standardized herbal extracts using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda combined with advanced phyto-technology. Our manufacturing process involves the use of patented technology and scientifically validated quality controls using sophisticated analytical testing equipment like HPLC, UV/VIS, Spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatography, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer which allows us to screen active herbal compounds and weed out harmful components like heavy metals and pesticides.


From the time the first batch of Oleoresins rolled out of our factories in 1982 to date, Synthite has been at the forefront of the evolving food industry. Oleoresins are pure extracts of a spice or herb. They are concentrated natural liquid flavourings that contain both volatile and non-volatile flavour components. Oleoresins provide flavour profiles characteristic of the ground spice or herb with a more rapid flavour release. Our Oleoresins are produced with the finest spices from around the world; they preserve the robust flavour and aroma of the spice. Today, we account for 30% of the global Oleoresin market.