Aromatherapy Oil Diffusers

Aromatherapy Oil Diffusers are a revolutionary new aromatherapy (aromatic or therapeutic) delivery device. Unlike conventional candles or oil burners that require heat to disperse the aromatic oils or reed diffusers that work via evaporation and can’t be regulated, LDG International’s exclusive range of ultrasonic aromatherapy oil diffusers work by breaking down water, infusing with your favourite essential oil and transforming it into microscopic cool mist that easily dissipates into your room or work space.

Air Fresheners

The company manufactures and supplies mesmerizing collection of Air Fresheners, which is not only adequate to remove bad odour, but also leave behind a refreshing, lingering fragrance. We supply different types of Air Fresheners in various fragrances like Floral, and Fruits. Our exclusive collection of scents available in different fragrances sets your mood for enjoyment and comfort.

Car Deodorizers

We specialize in the manufacturing of car deodorizer, which are truly matchless. We started on a very small level and eventually now are the biggest air freshener manufacturer. Along with the manufacturing we have excelled in scented car freshener supply and have become one of its foremost suppliers, located in India. Our car fresheners are available in different floral, fruity and various other mesmerizing odours. Fragrances of our car fresheners last for a really long time, thus keeping your car fresh. Our products are comfortably available in the in the market and that too at most reasonable price for our customers convenience.

Reed Stick Diffuser

Reed Stick Diffuser is the best and the most efficient method to fill up your home with beautiful fragrance. Energy saving is perhaps the first specialty that comes into your mind when you think about the benefits of a reed stick diffuser as it works without consuming any electricity or the use of any flame. You can use the Reed stick Diffuser even in a location where there is fire restriction and it is also cleaner and safer than candles or incense. Reed Stick Diffusers last for a longer time.

LDG International is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of Reed Stick Diffuser in India. We offer Reed stick diffuser sets in different designs & styles to suit various needs of the customers. Our Reed Stick Diffusers come in attractive designs, colours and patterns that are suitable for almost any decor. Another added feature is the customization option offered on these products.